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enRecover is an mHealth Company designed to help patients get the best recovery after surgery.
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Your Knee Programme

enRecover’s first enhanced recovery programme

What does enRecover do?

enRecover is your personal physiotherapist.

Simply, it is an app you can download to your phone that reminds you to do your exercises, shows you videos of how to do them and even allows you to note any problems you’ve been having. enRecover can even keep your medical team updated to your progress! Find out more here.

The Knee Replacement Journey

There are many causes for knee pain, the most common of which is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a condition where the weight bearing surfaces of the knee joint wearing away. They are no longer smooth and free running and this leads to stiffness and pain. Eventually the joint wears out to such an extent that the bone of the femur (thigh bone) grinds on the bone of the tibia (shin bone).

If your doctor has diagnosed you with knee osteoarthritis, it is likely that your knee pain can be managed with exercise, analgesics, but ultimately you may require a knee replacement operation. A knee replacement operation involves replacing the knee joint with metal and plastic to give you relief from pain, and improved movement.

Physiotherapy after surgery is one of the most important factors in getting good results after your knee replacement, with evidence stating that the difference is especially important early on.

enRecover is your personal physiotherapist that you can access with the click or swipe of your phone. Download now to benefit from it’s unique features!

See an example of our videos below